ER2/CRT Bộ test Earth-Rite®RTR Tester ER2/CRT Newson gale Vietnam

ER2/MSKS Bộ test Earth-Rite®RTR Tester  Newson Gale – Bộ test Earth-Rite®RTR Tester ER2/CRT Newson Gale

The Earth-Rite II RTR is designed to ground a road tanker during loading and unloading operations in order to dissipate any static electricity which could accumulate on a road tanker during these processes. CLC/TR 60079-32-1 “Explosive Atmospheres: Electrostatic Hazards – Guidance” highlights road tankers as being capable of accumulating electrostatic charge during product transfer operations. To mitigate against the accumulation of static on the body of the road tanker, it recommends that trucks be grounded during the transfer procedure. The Earth-Rite II RTR static grounding system is designed to provide grounding of road tankers to mitigate against static discharges from the main body of the road tanker. The system consists of a red/green LED ground status indicator and dry contacts that can be interlocked with the process or an additional.

The Earth-Rite II RTR includes: > Flameproof Enclosure incorporating Intrinsically Safe Static Ground Monitoring System. > Ground Connection Junction Box with Clamp Stowage Point and Quick Release Connector. > Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Universal Grounding Clamp with Hytrel™ Extendable Cable and Quick Connectors.

100% UK Origin Newson Gale Vietnam Earth-Rite®RTR Tester
Product Code: ER2/CRT
- Required for commissioning and servicing of Earth-Rite RTR systems.
- Determines that the Road Tanker Recognition, Static Ground Verification and Continuous
Ground Loop Monitoring parameters of the Earth-Rite RTR are functioning correctly.

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