Edmund Bühler Vietnam, Thiết bị phòng thí nghiệm Edmund Bühler, Máy lắc ổn nhiệt Edmund Bühler, Đại lý Edmund Bühler tại Việt Nam

Đại lý Edmund Bühler tại Việt Nam

00% Germany Origin

Edmund Bühler GmbH Vietnam

Item No. 6161000 Shaker
Incubator hood TH 15
Constant temperatures - also for high vessels (e.g. 1000 ml
Erlenmeyer flasks).
Can be combined with all compact shakers or used as
indipendent unit.
Temperature range: 5°C above ambient temperature to
+50°C or +60°C (Option).
Temperature accuracy: +/- 1 % of set value.
Inner Dimensions: 490 x 410 x 310 mm (w x d x h).
Basic equipment: Coated metal housing with 3 windows.
The front door opens upwards.
Safty cut-off of the shaker if combined with a Bühler Compact Shaker.
Electrical supply: 230 V / 50/60 Hz (115 V on request)