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Seam-X®-On-Line Automatic Seam Scanner adopts non-destructive measure method to measure the seam dimension. It is applicable to be installed by pass the production line, taking the samples and measuring them.
Measure Items: Seam Length, Body Hook, End Hook, Overlap, %Overlap, Seam Gap, %Body Hook Butting, and %End Hook Butting.
It’s applicable to measure cans of various materials. Combination of can body and the end can be following: (1) Aluminum & Aluminum; (2) Tin & Tin.
Seam-X®-On-Line can work together with the seam thickness gauge and countersink gauge, to make up a complete measure system for the double seam. 
If configured with identification sampling system, it can make the result of every can correspond to the related seamer head.

1) Auto & on-line measurement, quick and efficient
2) Unattended operation, save labor cost
3) Waste no sample, save cost and environmental protection
4) More accurate, avoid manual measurement error
5) High speed and high sampling frequency, reduce the isolation inferior
6) Able to track the seamer head corresponding to the inferior
7) Auto eject inferiors
8) Outstanding repeatability and reproducibility (R&R)
9) 360° fully scanning
10) Invention patents granted
11) Comply with safety criteria of X-ray radiation protection, certified by the third party (0.08mSV/year).
12) Safe operation to avoid injury result from cutting method
13) Easy calibration with provided calibration piece
14) Suitable for cans of various sizes and specification
15) Auto judge passed or failed
16) Welding identifying function for 3-piece cans (Optional)
17) Measure data can be stored in SPC automatically