ServoMex Vietnam, MINIMP 5200, MINIMP 5200 ServoMex, MINIMP 5200 ServoMex Vietnam


The MiniMP is a high performance COand Ogas analyzer you can really depend on.  With easy and intuitive operation and single or dual COand O2measurement functions, MiniMP is ideal for a wide range of measurement applications.

A small sized, big monitoring capability device, the MiniMP provides flexible use and full portability.

In fact, it’s the only truly portable unit with MCERTs approval, while Servomex’s Paramagnetic oxygen sensing technology meets US and European Pharmacopeia standards for the assay of medical oxygen.  

With a size that belies its strength, the MiniMP delivers reliable, leading-edge performance and accuracy you can rely on in an affordable, low-maintenance and easy-to-use unit.