ServoMex Vietnam, MINIHD 5200, MINIHD 5200 ServoMex, MINIHD 5200 ServoMex Vietnam


The MiniHD 5200 is an ultra-sensitive analyzer designed for O2, CO and CO2 monitoring in common gas mixtures. With a rugged and durable design, the MiniHD is optimized for use in both the field and also light industrial applications.

In addition to its leading-edge analytical capability, the MiniHD delivers a feature rich suite of added benefits including intuitive, user-friendly operation, reduced ongoing cost of ownership through simplified maintenance and long battery run time for maximized device uptime.

No matter where your job takes you, MiniHD is an able companion that can deliver on all levels.

  • Physiology studies
  • Universities
  • Combustion optimization
  • Fermentation
  • Medical gas verification
  • Transformer entry