ServoMex Vietnam, 4200/4210, 4200/4210 ServoMex, 4200/4210 ServoMex Vietnam


Designed specifically to meet the needs of the industrial gases industry, in particular the monitoring of hydrogen, HyCO and Syngas mixtures, the SERVOPRO 4200 delivers unparalleled sensing capabilities for flexible flammable gas sample contaminate testing.

Utilizing Servomex patented Paramagnetic and IR (SBSW and Gfx) technologies, the 4200 is able to measure up to four gas streams simultaneously. For higher concentrations of flammable gases, the 4210 model variant offers resilient stainless steel pipework.

The 4200/4210 provides excellent affordability over a long product life. Simplified and cost-effective ongoing maintenance is delivered through easy intuitive integrated menu configuration, and extended calibration intervals provided by the integration of non-depleting, ultra-low drift, high stability sensors.

  • Product quality validation in hydrogen plants
  • HyCO process control
  • Bottling/filling plants producing flammable gas blends