Pulser Discs

Pulser Discs


  • Non-contact sensing
  • Up to 0.5" gap distance (standard)
  • End-of-shaft mounting
  • Nylon, PVC, aluminum, or stainless steel
  • Custom sizes and number of pulses
  • Impervious to water, grease, dust, oil, dirt, etc.

Pulser Discs are compatible with all Electro-Sensors' sensors. The large gap allows maximum flexibility in mounting the sensor, making them ideal for environments where there is vibration, dirt, dust, grease, or water. The  number of pulses per revolution generated by the Pulser Disc and sensor depends on the sensor used. Simply center-drill and tap the end of the shaft to be monitored and secure the Pulser Disc onto the shaft.

Generally, a Hall Effect sensor will produce one pulse for every two magnets, since the sensor  switches between high and low in the presence of both a north and a south pole magnet. A Magnetoresistive sensor will generate one square wave pulse per magnet. Special discs can be custom manufactured to meet specific needs. Steel targets can be substituted for magnets on aluminum or PVC discs. These targets work well with proximity or magnetic pick-up sensors.


Split Collar Pulser Wraps

Shaft Mount Wraps

  • Standard wraps rated up to 3,000 rpm
  • Standard wraps available in PVC, aluminum,
     or stainless steel
  • No machinery tear-down required for mounting
  • High speed wraps available

Standard Pulser Wraps have magnets mounted on the outside circumference that serve as targets for Hall Effect and Magnetoresistive sensors that switch when exposed to magnetic fields. All wraps are custom machined to the diameter of the monitored shaft and are split into halves. The halves are secured around the shaft with recessed Allen head socket screws (supplied). Standard pulser wraps provide magnetic targets that are strong enough to allow gap distances up to 1/2 inch. Standard Wraps are 1.5" wide and have a minimum outside diameter of 4"


Digital Ring Kits


  • High speed digital pulse train
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Impervious to dust, oil, and water
  • 60 or 120 pulses per revolution
  • NPN open collector output
  • Line driver option available 5 -15 VDC

Digital Ring Kits include a mounting ring, hardware, a magnet wheel, and a sensor. They provide digital feedback from motors with NEMA C face end bells, can generate pulses down to zero speed, and transmit without amplification up to 1,500 feet. This is an ideal pulse generator for speed monitoring, motor control, counting, process control, cut-to-length, and ratio/draw controlling applications.

The DRK Series Ring Kits can be quickly and easily installed on NEMA C face motors or between a motor and gear box. Each kit features a non-contacting digital pulse generator system.

The QDRK Quadrature Ring Kit provides a 60-pulse per revolution quadrature signal, for use with electronic control equipment requiring rotational-direction information. Two signals, 90° out-of-phase, are produced by the sensor. When the leading edge of signal A precedes the leading edge of signal B, shaft rotation is forward. When the opposite is true, the monitored shaft is rotating in reverse.