Tee Meter Brass, Tee Meter Brass Veris, Đại lý hãng Veris tại Việt Nam

Metal tee-style liquid flow sensor with cast bronze housing fits 1/2” to 1.5” NPT. These sensors are accurate, even at low flow rates. Use in conjunction with a Veris flow monitor or transmitter for a complete flow monitoring system.


  • Measuring liquid flow rates
  • Accounting for total accumulated flow


  • PPS electronics housing...highly durable
  • Six-bladed impeller design with a proprietary, non-magnetic sensing mechanism...high accuracy and repeatability
  • Forward-swept impeller is less prone to fouling by water-borne debris...reliable performance with minimal downtime
  • Operation and repeatability even at low flow rates
  • Signal can travel up to 2000 ft (609m) between the sensor and the display unit without the need for amplification
  • Supplied with 20 ft (6m) of 2-conductor AWG 20 UL type PTLC cable (105°C rated)
  • Sensors of similar type are interchangeable, so there is no need for recalibration after servicing or replacement...quick install and fast maintenance