SDM Ball Screw Actuator

Load Range 0 – 13,760N   Speeds 0 – 1m/s

Hepco’s SDM Ball Screw Actuator provides a linear solution with a long work life; this product has been designed with a ball screw drive to provide additional linear precision and force. Sealing is provided by a very effective stainless steel band running along the length of the beam. Two actuator sizes are available as standard 20-80 & 30-100.

  • Five ball screw pitches available as standard 16×5/10/16, 20×5/20.
  • Actuators supplied up to 2800mm in one piece.
  • Standard production, units available on short lead times.
  • Positive sealing using linear seal and stainless steel band along the length of beam.
  • High load using Caged Linear Ball Guides.
  • Long carriage option has two bearing blocks for increased capacity.
  • Available with motor connection kits.
  • Easy access re-lubrication points, with “close off” threaded plugs.