PSD Ball Screw Actuator

Load Range 0 – 700N   Speeds 0 – 1.6m/s

Hepco’s PSD lightweight screw driven actuator is a space saving ready to mount system available in 80mm (PDS80) or 120mm (PDS120) units. These cost-effective actuators are available in lengths up to 2850mm (6000mm for slave units). The PSD80 Linear Actuator is available as standard with a stainless steel lead screw in a range of screw pitches and complements the precision ball screw offering within PSD120 and PSD80.

  • Can be used as a single or multi axis unit.
  • Hepco Herculane® Wheels ensure zero play linear motion.
  • Available with ball screw and lead screw drive with stainless steel option and wide range of screw pitches.
  • Stainless steel cover effectively seals the unit from debris.
  • Works well in Z-axis applications.
  • Double acting PSD80 available.