Process transmitter with control unit

Universal transmitter, loop power supply, barrier and limit switch in one device!

Analog measured values are indicated, evaluated and calculated by the process transmitter. With the integrated loop power supply two-wire sensors can be powered. The universal inputs enable the connection of current, voltage, RTDs and TCs. Limit values can be monitored and relays can be switched. Via analog outputs process signals can be forwarded. The integrated application package "differential pressure" allows the quick and easy commissioning for differential pressure applications.


·         SIL 2 approval (optional);

Marine approval

·         1 or 2 calculated values and linearization table

·         Min./max. value saved

·         5-digit 7-segment LC display, backlit

·         1 or 2 universal inputs

·         2 relays (optional)

·         Digital status output (Open Collector)

Field of application

The RMA42 process transmitter exhibits a display, analog inputs for process and status signals, analog and digital outputs, and an interface for configuration. Connected sensors can be powered by the integrated LPS. All measured and calculated values are available as a signal source for display, outputs, relays and the interface.

·         Plant and apparatus engineering

·         Control rooms and cabinets

·         Process control, recording and supervision

·         Signal adjustment and conversion

·         Overfill protection (WHG)

Features and specifications

Measuring principle

Process transmitter

·         Measuring principle

Process transmitter

·         Function

Universal process and temperature transmitter with control unit

·         Loop power supply

24 V intrinsically safe loop power supply

·         Power Supply

Not defined

·         Input

2 x universal (current, voltage, R, RTD, TC, resistance)

·         Output

2 x Analog (current, voltage)

·         Software functions

Internal software for calculations, linearization, limit monitoring

Monitoring of sensor wires according NAMUR NE43

Application package differential pressure measurement

·         Certificates







marine approval


German WHG overfill protection

·         SIL


·         Display


7 segment



TAG unit

Colour change in case of failure

·         Interface

Not defined

·         Dimensions (WxHxD)

45 x 115 x 118 mm (1.77" x 4.53" x 4.65")