Rackmount Network Device Servers

The Rackmount Series of Integrated Communication Servers provides LAN-attached serial port expansion, Ethernet switch, remote monitoring, and IP routing in a standard 19" rack metal enclosure. The NDS series uses industry standard TCP/IP, SLIP, and PPP protocols to ensure open-systems connectivity and flexibility for your demanding applications. The network device servers are bundled with Systech's industry-leading NativeCOM port redirection software, Remote Network Device Monitoring software, web browser interface, and remote diagnostics, and Modbus Gateway software, enabling serial-to-IP connections for Modbus TCP/IP clients and Modbus RTU devices. NativeCOM simplifies installation and support and makes any Systech Ethernet serial port (whether local or remote) appear as local to your application.

Systech's Remote Network Device Monitoring software capability delivers the ability to manage, control, and share access to networks deploying Systech's serial-to-IP solutions through any Internet browser

Each serial port is software selectable to RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 with no external cabling, saving you the cost and complexity of competitive solutions that offer a single physical interface.

For developers and OEMs with unique protocol conversion, monitoring, or reporting needs, Systech's Developer's API is available to create custom added-value. 

For additional information, access Systech's on-line data sheet and documentation for the Rackmount Series product family. Three models are available as follows:

Model Serial Ports 4 Port Switch
NDS/5008RM 8 RJ-45 Yes
NDS/5016RM 16 RJ-45 Yes
NDS/6008RM 8 DB-9 Yes

The NDS rackmount device as a terminal server: The device is easily configurable through the it's built in web interface to automatically connect a terminal to a host located anywhere on the network or across the Internet. Useful for applications that require a user's terminal to communicate with one and only one host computer, perhaps running a specialized application program. For Rlogin/telnet using multiple sessions, the NDS devices support up to four sessions for each connected terminal.

The NDS rackmount device as a console or device server: The device is ideal for connecting to any serial device from a host server, multiple servers, or across a wide area network using telnet, raw TCP, or as virtual COM ports using the Systech NativeCOM software. The device is used in various point of sale and industrial applications.