NDS-1000  Series

  • Embedded and Standalone Product Models
  • LAN-Attached Serial Ports
  • Remote Monitoring
  • IP Routing
  • RS-232 or 422/485
  • DB-9, RJ-45
  • NativeCOM Port Redirection Software for Windows

Introducing the perfect solution for network enabling any product or peripheral with a serial interface in system environments where a very small footprint standalone solution is an absolute must.

Systech NDS/1000 Network Device Servers are targeted at users who need to manage, control and share access with one or two serial peripheral devices over a LAN or the Internet using standard protocols.

By using our NDS/1000 serial-to-IP solutions for LAN-attached serial port expansion and remote monitoring, previous investments in serial based peripherals and devices may be maintained.

Whatever your specialized need, the NDS/1000 uses industry standard TCP/IP and telnet protocols to ensure open-systems connectivity and flexibility for your demanding applications... all the functionality you need in a very small footprint.

Systech device servers are the clear choice of leading OEMs and integrators for a broad range of serial-to-IP applications. So contact your favorite Systech reseller today, and accelerate your company's transition to IP-based communications!

  Serial Ports  
Model # Ports Speed (bps) Electrical I/F Physical I/F Ethernet I/F Programmable
NDS-1111 1 115.2 232 DB-9 10 Base-T No
NDS-1141 1 230.4 232 DB-9 10/100 Base-TX Yes
NDS-1181 1 115.2 485/422 DB-9 10 Base-T