PDU2 Belt Driven Linear Actuator

Load Range 0 – 500N   Speeds 0 – 6m/s

HepcoMotion’s PDU2 low maintenance linear actuator provides a superior combination of load capacity, speed and low friction characteristics. Designed to meet the needs of low cost linear applications, PDU2 has such a long life most units will out perform the life of the machine they are fitted to.

  • Compact ready to mount actuators in lengths of up to 6m.
  • No lubrication necessary, low maintenance, long service life.
  • Product lends itself for easy fitting of stepper or servo motors.
  • After wear has occurred, carriages can be adjusted and returned to their original running condition.
  • Beam is available with T-slots or plain.
  • Corrosion resistant version available.


PDU2M Belt Driven Linear Actuator

Load Range 0 – 750N   Speeds 0 – 6m/s

The PDU2M is a higher capacity version of our popular PDU2 offering increased stiffness. This actuator has been designed for use in multi-axis, or demanding single axis systems.