SBD Linear Actuator

Load Range 0 – 13,760N   Speeds 0 – 4m/s

The SBD Belt Driven actuator provides a higher level of performance in terms of load capacity and life than other comparable sized linear actuators. At the heart of this actuator is HepcoMotion’s high capacity re-circulating ball guides providing improved moment load capacity and longer life in high duty linear applications.

  • Incorporates our re-circulating guide technology, for higher direct load applications.
  • Stainless steel band prevents dirt ingress in normal / dirty environments – for hostile conditions, consider DLS.
  • Multi axis movements can be constructed using standard connecting shafts and couplings.
  • Easy fitting of gearboxes / motors – we can tailor the flange to suit individual preferences.
  • Clean room compatible versions available – ideal for scientific and electronics industries.
  • Product line incorporates deeper XL beam for long length applications where the beam is used as part of the structure.