IFM VietNam Inductive sensors - Sensors with longest sensing range I27001, I17003, I22002, I15005.

Inductive sensors - Sensors with longest sensing range

  • Long sensing ranges up to 120 mm
  • Active base with Ø 100 mm or Ø 164 mm
  • For applications in the steel and metal industries
  • Easy setting of the sensing range via potentiometer
  • Versions in AC or DCV
  • Area sensors with long sensing ranges

    Inductive sensors of the I1 and I2 series have a large sensing area and particularly long sensing ranges. The sensing range can be easily set via potentiometer. This will prevent the sensor from detecting machine parts in the background.

    In steelworks positions of slabs, metal sheets or blocks are detected at many places, e.g. on conveyor lines to the furnace inlet, at the cooling bed or at the individual processing stations. The sensors operate just as reliably in these environments as in shearing or cutting applications.