IFM VietNam Ring and tube sensors I7R213, I7R217, I7R205, I7R209, I7R201, I85002, I7R215, I7R207, I85001, I7R211, I7R203, I85000, I7R208, I7R210, I7R206, I7R202, I7R214, I7R212, I7R216, I7R204, I85003.

Inductive sensors - Ring and tube sensors

  • Normally closed and normally open outputs available
  • Very short response time
  • Easy adjustment of pulse stretching and sensitivity via potentiometer
  • Static and dynamic versions
  • Reliable detection of objects with very small diameters

Ring and tube sensors

Static ring and tube sensors operate like inductive sensors. They generate an output signal when there is metal in the detection zone. For example, the sensors can be used for jam control in feed processes.
Dynamic sensors are used when particularly small parts are to be detected. During a damping operation a short pulse is generated at the output of the sensor, adjustable from 0.1 to 150 ms. The functionality will remain stable for a long time, even in the case of metal contamination in the tube.