Force Gauges

Digital Force gauges with outputs:


Force Gauge DSVForce Gauge DSTForce Gauge ZTSForce Gauge ZTAForce Gauge ZTS-DPUForce Gauge ZTA-DPUForce Gauge eZTForce Gauge FGPDoor Tester Unit ZTS-RDM-2000NDoor Tester Unit ZTA-RDM-2000N

Force gauge FGJN

Digital Force gauges without outputs: Force Gauge FGJN

Analog Force Gauges : Force Gauge FBForce Gauge PSForce Gauge PSH

Test Stands

Vertical Manual Test StandsTest Stand KV-50NTest Stand MS-50NTest Stand HV-500NTest Stand HV-1000NTest Stand HV-3000NTest Stand SVL-1000NTest stand SVH-1000N

Vertical Motorized Test Stands: Test Stand MX2-500NTest Stand MX-500NTest Stand MX-1000NTest stand MX2-1000NTest Stand EMX-1000NTest Stand MX2-2500NTest Stand MX-5000N
Horizontal Manual Test StandsTest Stand SH-1000NTest Stand SH-3000N
Horizontal Motorized Test StandsTest Stand MH-1000NTest Stand MH-300Test Stand MH2-500N

Force Displacement Units: Force-Displacement Measuring System FSAUniversal Testing Machine ZPM

Clamps and Testing devices: 

Wedge grip series KC

Clamps for Tension TestsAttachment for Compression TestsOther AttachmentsSpecial Test Equipment

Load cells and display units 

Display Unit and Amplifier FA Plus, Load Cells.

physical therapy and strength testing kits

Force gauge RDSV-1000N

Force Gauge RDSV-1000NForce Gauge RZTA-1000NForce Gauge RFB-750N

Test Stands for cable joint and solder pins

Test stand ACT-1000N for cable joints and solder pins

Test Stand ACT-1000NTest Stand LH-500N

Test Stand for SMD packages and Adhesive Films

test stand IPTS for smd packages and adhesive films

Test Stand IPTS

Food Rheology Tester

Test Stand FCA-DSV-50N

Test Stand FCA-DSV-50NTest Stand FRTS