Yarn Package Hardness Tester (HP series, HP-F Series, Test Stand)

Yarn package hardness tester HP-5

HP Series: Yarn Package Hardness Tester HP-2.5Yarn Package Hardness Tester HP-5Yarn Package Hardness Tester HP-10

HP-F Series: Yarn Package Hardness Tester HP-2.5-FYarn Package Hardness Tester HP-5-FYarn Package Hardness Tester HP-10-F

Test Stand: Test Stand PSHP

Test Stand PSHP for durometers

Special Features

Quick, series measurements with hardness testers of HPSHPS-RHP and HP-F series

Simple lever-operation with release-spring

Adjustable height: 0 – 200 mm

Stroke of the lever is 40 mm

Test stand PSHP is not convenient for conical shaped probes.