pH / ORP. (ORP) / temperature measuring device with alarm function, including pH electrode GE 114-WD



  • Modern and functional housing
  • 3-line display / overhead display at the push of a button
  • Backlighting
  • Waterproof (IP65 / 67)
  • Durable, long life battery
  • BNC connection for alternating Electrodes
  • with Redox (ORP) and temperature measurement
  • alarm function


The primary focus in the development of the new GMH 1000 series which place on the essential functions of the measurement technology. Pure measurement with a focus on precision, speed and reliability packaged in a compact housing distinguish an impressive price / performance ratio, Made in Germany. The new handheld measuring devices so impress With Their ergonomic design, dust and water-protected design in accor dance with IP 65/67 and the illuminated display. The compact pH meter is an alternative to pH sticks and elaborate middle-class devices. The G 1501 therefore Enables Redox (ORP) measurement (with temperature-compensated conversion of the Ag / AgCl reference system to a hydrogen system in accor dance with DIN 38404 part 6, table 1) and automatic temperature compensation with connected Pt 1000 temperature sensor for pH and mVH measurements.


Aquarium and aquaculture, plant cultivation and agriculture, laboratories, quality assurance, service, foods, etc.


Measuring range: 
0.00 ... 14:00 pH 
12:01 pH 
Accuracy (device): 
± 0.02 pH ± 1 digit (at nominal temperature 25 ° C) 
Measuring input:
2 x 4 mm banana for Pt 1000, 2-wire 
measuring range:
-5.0 ... +105.0 ° C or 23.0 ... 221.0 ° F 
± 0.2 ° C ± 1 digit (at nominal temperature 25 ° C) 
redox (OPR)  
Measuring input:
BNC socket (redox or pH measurement adjustable via menu) 
Measuring range:
-1500 mV ... 1500 ... 1707 or -1293 mV 
± 0.1% FS ± 1 digit (at nominal temperature 25 ° C) 
Scope of supply:
Device, electrode, calibration log, 2 x battery, manual