Waterproof Dissolved Oxygen measuring device (DO) with sensor cable 2 m



  • Modern and functional housing
  • 3-line display / overhead display at the push of a button
  • Backlighting
  • Waterproof (IP65 / 67)
  • Durable, long life battery
  • Including galvanic oxygen sensor
  • Easy calibration to air at the push of a button


The primary focus in the development of the new GMH 1000 series which place on the essential functions of the measurement technology. Pure measurement with a focus on precision, speed and reliability packaged in a compact housing distinguish an impressive price / performance ratio, Made in Germany. The new handheld measuring devices so impress With Their ergonomic design, dust and water-protected design in accor dance with IP 65/67 and the illuminated display. The oximeter with maintenance-friendly galvanized sensor is an entry-level device suitable for everyday use. Concentrations in mg / l (ppm) and saturation in percentage can be read Directly without using tables. Calibration with environmental air takes place at the push of a button. Use of a GSKA protective cap is recommended for field use in bodies of water in order to protect the membrane.


Freshwater and saltwater aquarium, aquaculture / fish breeding, monitoring of wells and bodies of water


Measuring range / Resolution:
0.0 ... 20.0 mg / l (or ppm) O 2 concentration 
0 ... 200% O 2 saturation 
± 1.5% of mv ± 0.2 mg / l or ± 1.5% of mv ± 2% O 2 saturation 
± 0.3 ° C 
sensor / measuring inputs:
Galvanic sensor (active membrane type), KOH electrolyte 2 m cable, permanently connected to the device, with integrated temperature sensor 
response time T 95 : 
10 s at nominal temperature 
operating pressure: 
max. 3 bar (~ 30 m water depth) 
sensor range of application:
0 ... 40 ° C 
Scope of supply: 
Device, sensor, GWOK 02 spare membrane cap and KOH electrolyte save 100, 2 x battery, manual