DEKADUR-Pressure Pipe, PVC-U, red 
SDR 13.6, nominal pressure PN 16/S6,3

DEKADUR-Pressure Pipe PVC-U
SDR 34.4, nominal pressure PN 6


  • Material: PVC-U
  • Dimension: acc. to DIN 8061/62
  • Colour: red troisdorf (sim. RAL 3020)
  • Pipe length: 5m, with plain ends
  • * SDR 11
  • Note 1: DIBT Z-40.23-1 approval
  • Note 2: according to DIN 8062
  • Attention: Pressure rates refer to operating temperatures at 20°C. Higher temperatures and aggressive flow media reduce pressure load (see above DIN and our tecnical documentaion). Pressure load capacity has to be determined in consideration with safety demands of the respective applications and calculated in accordance.


  • Material: PVC-U
  • Dimension: acc. DIN 8062
  • Colour: troisdorfred (similar RAL 3020)
  • Pipe length: 5m, with plain ends
  • Acc. DIN 8061/62 - DIBT Z-40.23-1 SDR34,4/PN16
  • SDR51/PN4 and SDR34,4/PN6 only acc. to DIN 8062