Company profile

ZUMBACH ELECTRONICS is one of the leading manufacturer of in-line measuring, monitoring and control systems for the wire and cable industry, (from wire drawing to fiber optics, including extrusion of insulation and jackets), for plastic extrusion lines (mono filaments, catheter, tubing, pipe or profiles) and for the metal industry (hot and cold rolling, continuous casting, turning, grinding, polishing to QC inspection stations).

ZUMBACH instruments measure diameter (Laser Micrometers), wall thickness and concentricity (ultrasonic or eddy current principle), and detect lumps/neckdowns (optical flaw detectors). Specialized sensors monitor the capacitance of data wires and coaxial cables. - Controllers with application specific algorithms shorten start-up times, minimize scrap production and material usage. Data acquisition and FFT analysis are offered as well. A line of inductive preheaters for metal conductors, spark testers for in-line testing of the dielectric, optical surface inspection system, and in-line profile monitoring systems complete the ZUMBACH line of industrial precision equipment.

World Headquarters

The group headquarters, Zumbach Electronic AG, is in Orpund/Switzerland.

Orpund is very close to the city of Biel-Bienne, conveniently located in North-Western Switzerland, and can easily be reached within 2 hours by direct trains or car from the major airports, Zürich, Geneva and Basel. The Swiss capital, Berne, is only 30 km or half an hour away by road or train.

North American Headquarters

Zumbach first entered the U.S. market in 1970, selling eccentricity and wall-thickness monitors. In order to better serve the North American market, Zumbach Electronics Corp. was founded in May 1976 and its first Sales Support Center was implemented in Elmsford, NY. In 1983, Zumbach moved into a modern 15,000 sq. ft. facility which had been purchased in Mount Kisco NY.

The US division serves a wide range of industrial clients in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America.

Quality by Tradition for over 60 years

Zumbach Electronic, founded in 1957 by Bruno Zumbach, is an international privately owned group of companies and a leading manufacturer of in-line measuring and control equipment for wire, cable, plastics, rubber, steel and metals.

Zumbach is a pioneer in in-line measurement systems, based on various technologies, such as laser, ultrasonics, x-rays, etc. and holds a number of international patents and trademarks.

Rainer Zumbach is chairman of the executive committee and leads the worldwide Zumbach Group.

Zumbach has a record of over 60 years of continuous ownership, growth and product development, always with priority on quality and customer satisfaction.

Today, the Zumbach group comprises 11 companies in Europe, United States, South America and Asia.

All Zumbach companies offer expert sales and customer support facilities in the respective language, and fully equipped service and spare part facilities. Manufacturing and R&D centers are in Switzerland and the United States.

In addition, there are over 40 Zumbach representatives in many industrial countries at the service of industry.

Certified Quality

In addition to conforming to ISO 9001:2015, Zumbach’s quality standards guarantee a highly precise, robust and reliable product. The goal of the ZUMBACH group is to offer industry the most complete line of measuring and monitoring instruments of the highest quality and technology. Worldwide support by competent advisors and reliable service is provided by 11 ZUMBACH owned enterprises and by over 40 agencies, we are committed to Total Customer Satisfaction.