SPI2003 Samsung NECO, Samsung NECO Vietnam, Máy cắt mẩu vải tròn SPI2003, Phân phối chính hãng Samsung NECO Vietnam


SPI2003 Samsung nECO | Samsung nECO Vietnam

SPI2003 Samsung nECO |  Samsung nECO Vietnam
Máy cắt mẩu vải tròn.
Textile Weight Sample Cutting Machine, Sample Circle Cutter :::





1. The cutting capability in accurate size (112.843x3.14159=10,000mm/2)
2. The durability of semi-permanent blade: and semi-permanent body and control set
3. The cutting capability from the ultra fine fabric and knit fabric to thick leather
4. The manufacture of final product from start to end including the knife (We are the specialty company of industrial knife and cutting device)

- Our textile sample swatch cutting press is developed for the first time in the world and any other company could not imitate our excellent
technology and capability (features).

- The cutting press could cut accurately the leather, fine fabric, and knit fabric.

- Our multi-functional cutting press could cut the textile in any shape and the accurate size (1/100 square π (112.843m/m)).

- Our cutting press has the excellent durability and functions than the previous circular cutting press or products from other companies.

USD 550.00
1. Please order through the telephone and send your direction through the fax.

2. Then we will deliver the product to the specific location that you request.

3. Please prepare the payment when the product is delivered.
- Please send the customer service application (including your direction) through fax.

- We will visit you and take care of your requests.