SPI0605 Samsung NECO, máy đục lỗ dệt bán tự động SPI0605, Phân phối chính hãng Samsung NECO tại Việt Nam 


SPI0605 Samsung nECO | Samsung nECO Vietnam

SPI0605 Samsung nECO | Samsung nECO Vietnam
Supplement Textile Punching Machine Semi-Automatic) :::



Number of pin rotation : 1700rpmOperation method : semi-automatic, punching one at a time
Aperture : 5 mm
Punching ability : 50mm / 5sec
Outer wall size : 475 x 370 x 400mm
Power supply : 220V / 80W / 60Hz
Total weight : 20kg 

- Overcoming the limitation of an ordinary punching machine, the supplement textile punching machine is also designed for cheaper price.

- Therefore, you will feel the liberation from the fear of the punching task.

- We miniaturized it so that you can put it on the desk and work comfortably