Hans-Schmidt Vietnam, ZED-200, ZED-500, Máy đo sức căng sợi vải Hans-Schmidt Vietnam, đại lý Hans-Schmidt Vietnam


Tension meter ZED with easy to read LCD display


Automatic »Zero Setting« to zero the instrument in any measuring position


Adjustable electronic damping for better reading when tension is constantly fluctuating


Simple, trouble free operation


Filament guide and unique roller shifting mechanism ensure easy acquisition of the running material


Light weight hand-held unit


Powered by rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery (80 h battery life with 3.5 h charge time) with a universal voltage AC-charger
Model Measuring Range Resolution Measuring Head Width* SCHMIDT Calibration Material**
ZED-200 1 – 200 cN 1 cN 63 mm PA: 0.20 mm Ø
ZED-500 1 – 500 cN 1 cN 63 mm PA: 0.20 mm Ø