Hans-Schmidt Vietnam, MKM-50, MKM-100, MKM-400, đại lý Hans-Schmidt Vietnam


Special Features

The analog display shows changing and fluctuating tensions fast and enables an optimal process adjustment
Motorized tension meter MKM (take-up speed ~ 8 m/min for MKM-400, respectively 15 m/min for MKM-50 and MKM-100)
Take-up wheel with built-in tension meter model MK
Handle can be reversed, for left or right hand use depending on application
Battery operated
Model Measuring Range Take-up Speed SCHMIDT Calibration *
MKM-50 10 – 50 cN 15 m/min PA: 0.12 mm Ø
MKM-100 10 – 100 cN 15 m/min PA: 0.12 mm Ø
MKM-400 50 – 400 cN 8 m/min PA: 0.20 mm Ø