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SPS / SR7 Paddle Type Level Switch


Paddle Type Level Switch
This devices operates using the rotation movement of the pedal connected to the syncro-motor. When the measured powder reaches the rotating powder and gives resistance to the pedal's rotation, the axis of the motor rotates in the opposite direction and operates the Micro Switch. A magnet type clutch is embedded so that even if the falling impact of the measured object is conveyed to the pedal, the motor is not damaged. There are two types: for heavy loads and light loads. 
SR7 : 69/128mm
SPS : 74/118mm
Spindle length : Within 200/300mm 
Pipe length : Within 500mm 
•Standard : -10℃∼80℃
•Optional : -10℃∼150℃
For light weight powders and small 
For heavy weight powders and mid/large 
size silos
Low cost
Sensitivity adjustment 
Easy installation and maintenance
•Contact capacity : 3A 250V AC
•SPS : 110/220V AC 50/60Hz
•SR7 : 110 or 220V AC, 50/60Hz
•Plastic injection machine Hopper(SR7)
•Plastic powder and chip manufacturing 
•Rice cleaning facility
•Grain processing facility
•Ore, Sand, Cement, and Cement mixing 
•Connecting part : Brass, 304/316SS
•Pedal : PC, 304/316SS


SC5 / SB3 Piston Type Level Switch


Piston Type Level Switch
The rotation of the syncro-motor is changed into a straight movement by using the rink device. Then, the reiterative piston movement of the detection risk connected to the spindle occurs. If the measured object gives rise to resistance in the disk, the internal rink device is bent, suspending the reiterative movement, and the Micro switch is operated. This method is very unique among all other methods in the world. Various models are developed to fit different kinds of measurement location and the types of powders, and the device has a high reliability and strong structure. 
•Standard : 93mm
•Optional : Within 500mm 
•Standard : -10℃∼80℃
•Optional : -10℃∼150℃
•A wide range of powder and fine powder 
•Simple structure 
•Various applicable models 
•Perfectly dust-proof 
•No need to adjust on-site 
•Explosion proof type possible
(Ex d ⅡB T4)
•Contact capacity : 10A 250V AC
110 or 220V AC, 50/60Hz
•Plastic powder and chip manufacturing 
•Rice cleaning facility
•Grain processing design 
•Ore, Sand, Cement, Cement mixing facility
Mat'l : 304/316SS


SDS-3000 Electrode Type Drum Level Switching System


Electrode Type Drum Level Switching System