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Code & Description


Item 1:

Earth-Rite® RTR ATEX Static Grounding System  

 Product Code: RTRP1EA1A2C 

Earth-Rite RTR earth monitoring unit complete with -

- Zone 2/21/22 IIC T4. ATEX and IECEx certification. SIL 2.

For full certification details please refer to product data sheet

- GRP static dissipative enclosure.

- RED/pulsing GREEN indication LEDs.

- Intrinsically safe monitoring to ≤10 Ohm.

- 2 off voltage free changeover contacts, 250V AC 5A 500VA max resistive rating.

- Power requirement 110/120 or 220/240 V AC.

2 pole large heavy duty stainless steel clamp c/w 5m Hytrel sheathed spiral cable.

- Junction box with quick connection and universal stowage pin.

- Zone 0/20, ATEX and FM certification

- Common Graphical Instruction Wall Board, 360x240mm - English, Malay, Indian, Chinese & Arabic

Item 2:

Installer’s Kit (IIB only)* 

Product Code: ER2/KITA 

- Ex (d) IP68 glands (x2) for armoured cable 9 mm to 13.5 mm Ø (supply and interlock)

- Ex (d) IP68 glands (x3) for non-armoured cable 4 mm to 8.4 mm Ø (IS cables)

- 3 m of 2 conductor cable (IS cable, system to stowage box)

- 1 m of green earth loop cable (x2) (PCB to 10 mm stud termination)

(Please note for Installer’s Kit A – Kit is supplied with 2 nos.of  Ex(d) IP68 glands  for armoured cable (supply and interlock) and 3 nos. for non-armoured cable (IS cables).


Also, please confirm if installation requires non-armoured cable glands for supply and interlock.)


Item 3:

Earth-Rite®RTR Tester*   

Product Code: ER2/CRT

- Required for commissioning and servicing of Earth-Rite RTR systems.

- Determines that the Road Tanker Recognition, Static Ground Verification and Continuous

Ground Loop Monitoring parameters of the Earth-Rite RTR are functioning correctly.

(Earth-Rite®RTR Tester is required for installation commissioning and servicing. One qty. is required per site or location.)

Item 4:

Spare 5 metre spiral Cable  

Product Code: CAB2B05Q

- 5m fully extended spiral cable, 2 conductors with high chemical and abrasion resistant blue

Cen-Stat Hytrel sheath.

- Male to female in-line quick connects.

Item 5:

Spare Large Clamp 

Product Code: VESX90-IP 

 - Replacement 2 pole large heavy duty stainless steel clamp