MS-90 Plus+ Trackerless Solar Monitoring Station EKO Instruments Vietnam, EKO Instruments Việt Nam, EKO Vietnam, EKO Việt Nam, Đại lý EKO Instruments Vietnam, MS-90 

A cost effective system combining MS-90 and MS-80S for DNI, GHI and DHI data without sun tracker. MS-90 Plus+ is the combination of two innovative irradiance instruments from EKO: MS-90 DNI sensor and the fast response Class A pyranometer MS-80S. These two instruments are connected via a special interface box (C-Box) with a GPS receiver and an processing unit. The system accurately measures DNI and GHI and calculates Diffuse irradiance (DHI) from the measurement data and the sun position. The C-box is delivered with a 10m cable, the sensor have a 1.5m cable to connect to the C-box.

The system provides a digital output signal (Modbus 485 RTU) and can be easily connected to various data acquisition systems in solar energy projects and meteorological stations (dataloggers, inverters, SCADA etc). It can also be connected to a PC.

The MS-90 DNI sensor has a broad spectral response (300-2500 nm) and is calibrated outdoors with a pyrheliometer. 

Specifications PVmet-100
  Pyranometer (POA) ML-01
  Ambient Temperature AT-01
  Back module temperature BPT-01
  Power requirements 10 to 30 VDC at 50mA
  Operating Environment - 40° to 60°C
  Relative humidity 0-100%, Condensing
  Communication RS-485/422 Serial Port
  Communication interface 2-Wire Half Duplex
  Communication speed 9600 Baud