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The MC-11 is a 4-20mA digital signal conditioner to convert the Voltage output of a solar radiation sensor into a 4-20mA current output. The converter can be used with all passive EKO radiometers or any other mV sensor to be connected to dataloggers or inverters with a 4-20mA input channel. By using the signal conditioner, the sensor cable can be easily extended over long distances without any signal loss or potential electromagnetic interference in noisy industrial environments.

For easy conversion the converter output for the solar sensor can be set to: 4-20mA = 0 - 1600 W/m2. In combination with a solar sensor the sensitivity factor of the solar sensor will be preset to the converter. With the optional USB controller and EKO Sense software (Multiple languages) the converter settings can be freely changed. This tool will be needed in case the sensor sensitivity might need to be changed after a periodical solar sensor re-calibration. It has robust input/output screw terminals, which can be easily connected to the signal cable that leads to the measurements system at the installation site.

Specifications MC-11
  Output Digital (4-20mA)
  Input range 1 0 - 100 mV
  Input range 2 2W PT-100 / 10kΩ NTC
  Output range 4-20mA = 0-1600 W/m²
  Resolution (µV) < 5
  Resolution < 0.1 ºC
  Impedance > 15 MΩ
  Temperature response -20°C to 50°C < 0.2 %
  Response time 95% < 1 Sec.
  Non-linearity fll span < 0.1 %
  Operating temperature range -40 - 80 °C
  Power supply 12 to 24 +/-10% VDC
  Power consumption 0.08 - 0.5 W
  Dimensions mm 45 (D) x 23 (H)
  Weight 0.03 kg
  Ingress protection IP 20



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