The MB/AL , dual - hose blasting unit is a very reliable machine, which doesn't need any maintenance.

Its reliability has been proven in numerous tests and demonstrations, including field tests and endurance tests. It has been designed to be technically very simple in order to be suitable for any users with extensive cleaning requirements.

It can be used on all the materials, also on the sensible ones. The MB/AL is supplied complete with the "Coax" gun with 3.5mt hose and cylindrical nozzle. The dry ice tank has a capacity of 40 kg allowing the machine to be used for 45-60 minutes before refilling. With an operating pressure of up to 7 bar, the MB/AL provides extremely effective cleaning.

The machine is made of Inox 304 It weights 35 kg that's why it is very handily and easy to be raised. Its compact size allows to be fitted even in narrow spaces. The MB/AL dual – hose unit uses dry ice pellets with a diameter of 3mm. 


Operating pressure = 2,5÷8.5 bar
Dry ice capacity = 40 kg
Dry ice consumption = 30÷60 kg/h
Dimensions = 300 x 420 x h 800 mm.
Weight = 35 kg
Air connection = 1" BSP

Compressed air consumption: 3.1 - 4.2 mc/min at 6 bar


  • Blaster Microblast MB/AL
  • "Coax" blasting gun with 3.5 mt hose
  • Cylindrical nozzle
  • Manual

(*): The compressed air must be kept clean and free of oil, foreign bodies and water