Liquid Level Transmitter LPLSG5FEFCM22000S00305 / LPLSG5FEF4M22000S00305


LevelLimit transmitter LPLSG5FEFCM22000S00305 / LPLSG5FEF4M22000S00305

The Level Plus® LevelLimit liquid level transmitter satisfies the demand for an accurate and robust liquid level transmitter with integral HI level overfill protection. The level transmitter offers the ability to measure the product level, interface level, temperature, and volume. The electrically isolated HI level detection uses a separate set of electronics and reed switch technology to offer a Digital I/O output based off of the movement of an independent HI level float. The HI level float offers mechanical testing for verification.

  • 5-IN-1 Measurement

  • Integral HI level Digital I/O

  • Level Inherent Accuracy +/- 1 mm

  • API Temperature Corrected Volumes

  • No Scheduled Maintenance or Recalibration

  • Hazardous Area Certified


100% USA Origin

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Code: LPLSG5FEF4M22000S00305
Liquid Level Transmitter (LPLSG5FEFCM22000S00305)


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