IFM VietNam Pulse evaluation systems - Dual-channel speed monitoring DD2505, DD110S, DD111S, DD2605

Pulse evaluation systems - Dual-channel speed monitoring

  • Monitoring of two input channels with one separate output relay each
  • High input frequency of up to 60,000 pulses / minute
  • Precise speed-proportional analog output
  • Clearly readable, bright OLED display
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • 2-channel speed monitors

    The two-channel speed monitor serves to monitor frequency, rotational speed and speed. The unit monitors two rotating, linear or oscillating movements independently of each other. It receives pulses from two external sensors or pulse pick-ups via two separate input channels and processes their signals. Programmable switching outputs reliably signal when a set value is exceeded or not reached.
    A typical example is rotational speed monitoring of two electric motors.
    The speed monitor features a display for process value indication, easy adjustment and set-up. Highly visible LEDs indicate the switching and operating states.