IFM VietNam Inductive sensors IF503A, IG510A, IG511A, II502A, IF505A, IG512A, IF504A, IG513A, NF501A, IG514A, IN507A, NG501A, IG001A, IM512A, IG515A, IM511A, NF500A, NS5002, NI501A, IM510A, NE5001

Inductive sensors - Hazardous area applications

  • Cylindrical or rectangular types
  • 3D/3G: Robust full metal and plastic housings with 4 joules shock test
  • Sensors with NAMUR interface for connection to switching amplifiers
  • Simple connection using connector or terminals
  • High mechanical stability
  • Use in hazardous areas

    ifm electronic offers a multitude of inductive sensors for use in hazardous areas - from threaded and rectangular types to dual sensors for position feedback on quarter-turn actuators. Numerous international approvals allow the use of the sensors in dust or gas Ex areas.

    Sensors of categories 3G/3D or 2D can be connected directly to the plant control. The housings and housing parts of these units and of the corresponding connectors of the EVCxxA series were tested with an impact energy of 4 joules.