IFM VietNam Absolute multiturn encoders RM9000, RM9001, RM3011, RM8004, RM3007, RM9010, RM8001, RM8002, RM8003, RM3006, RM3008, RM7011, RM7012, RM7013, RM9003

Absolute multiturn encoders

  • Easy wiring and programming
  • Versions with connector, cable or bus cap connection
  • Versions as solid shaft with clamp/synchro flange or as hollow shaft
  • Large variety of interfaces: SSI, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CANopen or DeviceNet
  • Absolute multiturn encoders

    Absolute encoders provide an absolute numerical value for each angular position even over several revolutions.
    Multiturn encoders, however, do not only detect absolute angular positions but also count revolutions. Even after a voltage failure and system restart, the current position is quickly and reliably detected. The signals are output via an SSI interface or a fieldbus interface such as CAN or Profibus.a