Ex-Proof Coriolis Mass Flow Meter/Controller for low flow rates

  • High accuracy, excellent repeatability
  • Fast response
  • Independent of fluid properties
  • Additional density and temperature output
  • IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 approved

Ex-proof Coriolis Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for low flow rates

mini CORI-FLOW Ex d Mass Flow Meters are precise and compact instruments for low flow rates, based on the Coriolis measuring principle, built in an explosion proof housing for use in IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 hazardous areas, ATEX approval II 2 G Ex d e IIB T6 Gb. Bronkhorst® model XM13 Mass Flow Meter (MFM) is suited for highly accurate measurement of gas or liquid flow ranges between 1…50 g/h and 20…2000 g/h (which corresponds with 13,3…666 mln/min up to 0,26…26,6 ln/min when used on nitrogen) at operating pressures up to 138 bar (a).

The instrument contains a microprocessor based pc-board with signal and fieldbus conversion and a PID controller for optional mass flow control by means of a separately mounted control valve or pump.

Technical specifications

Measurement / control system

Mass flow accuracy

Liquid: ± 0,2% of rate;
Gas: ± 0,5% of rate


Meter: up to 1:100;
Controller: ≥ 1:50


±0,05% of rate ± ½(ZS* x 100/flow)% based on digital output

Zero Stability (ZS)*

< ±0,2 g/h

Response time, meter (t98%)

≤ 200 msec

Settling time, controller
(<2% of setpoint)

1 sec. (typical)

Temperature range

Ambient temperature range: 0...55°C
Process temperature range: 0...70°C
(Other temperature ranges on request)

Temperature effect**

on zero: < 0,02 g/h/°C;
on span: < 0,001% Rd/°C;
self heating (at zero flow): ≤ 15°C

Temperature accuracy


Density accuracy

< ±5 kg/m3


Any position, attitude sensitivity negligible

Leak integrity

Outboard < 2 x 10-9 mbar l/s He

Warm-up time

> 30 min. for optimum accuracy


Mechanical parts

Material (wetted parts)

stainless steel 316L or comparable


single tube, DN 0.5

Pressure rating

138 bar abs

Process connections (welded)

1/8" OD compression type; other on request



Valve seat (controllers)

Kalrez®-6375, other on request

Ingress protection (housing)



Electrical properties

Power supply

+15…24 Vdc +/- 10%
Max. ripple recommended: 50 mV tt

Max. power consumption

Meter: max. 3 W;
Controller: max. 7 W


Analog output

0...5 (10) Vdc, min. load impedance > 2 kΩ;
0 (4)...20 mA (sourcing), max. load impedance < 375 Ω;
on request: Ex i output 4...20 mA

Analog setpoint
(for MFM + pump or control valve)

0...5 (10) Vdc, min. load impedance > 100 kΩ;
0 (4)...20 mA (sourcing), max. load impedance ~ 250 Ω

Digital communication

standard: RS232;
options: PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet™, Modbus RTU or ASCII, FLOW-BUS

Electrical connection

All instrument connections are wired to screw terminals