Model: ERN 1130-600 (ID 682086-03 )

Encoders UK a distributor of Sumtak Encoders like our range of Sumtak incremental encoders and Sumtak absolute encoders. All versions of our Sumtak Encoders are available in blind hollow, full thru bore from 4mm – 60mm. All line counts available (enquire). Full range of obsolete versions

Our range of Sumtak Encoders can offer ingress protection up to IP68 for extreme harsh conditions including ATEX approved for oil rigs and shipping. Also stainless steel for food products. BESPOKE sealing available to combat specific chemicals etc (enquire).

All Encoder spares for Sumtak Encoders are carried in stock and repaired including ENDAT absolute, versions for MITUBISHI, and HEIDENHAIN.

AC servo motors for Sumtak Encoders are tested and refitted on axis motors, spindle motors and encoders high speed non-contact tested on site.

Popular products – Optcoder, 247 1020, 044 1010, 121 1016, 1RT 380 2500 4 pr, LFA 501 1000, 183 1008, 044 1010, 249 1024, 038 500, LBL 015 2500, 063 1020, LBJ 004 500, IRS 512, LBJ 005 1000, LBK 367 1000 to name a few.