E2ML-F2-V-0-0 Fluke Process instruments 250 to 1100 ºC

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Using the onboard Ethernet option, you have access to a web server, Power over Ethernet, ASCII over Ethernet and video if the camera option is selected for the sighting method. The camera option can be used to stream a view of your process (while showing exactly where the pyrometer is aimed) right into a control room to see what is happening at the exact instant a temperature event occurs.

Full access to all sensor settings is achievable from the backlit rear panel. This panel displays the indicated temperature, system alarm status, as well as all sensor parameters.

Use the SpotScan™ accessory to allow Endurance sensors to monitor temperatures over a line where temperature variations or peak temperature monitoring is important.


  • Visible through-the-lens sighting standard with simultaneous laser
  • Manually adjustable focus options allows for easy installation
  • Durable stainless steel IP65 (NEMA 4) enclosures designed to withstand ambient temperatures up to 65 °C (149 ºF)
  • Backlit rear panel with tactile feedback for easy menu navigation
  • Isolated outputs
  • Analog inputs to control e-slope or emissivity
  • Background compensation
  • Multiple communications interfaces (RS-485, Ethernet, Profinet) providing access to a web server, ASCII over Ethernet, and video streaming
  • Full line of installation and mounting accessories
  • Endurance software


  • Metals processing
  • Molten metal/forging
  • Hot rolling mills
  • Rod/wire mills
  • Heat treating & annealing
  • Induction heating
  • Lightbulb and halogen lamp production
  • Glass melting
  • Semiconductor furnaces
  • Cement & lime kilns
  • Refuse burning
  • Carbon graphite production
  • Foundry & welding
  • Rubber & thick plastic

Easy to upgrade from your existing Ircon Modline® 5 or Marathon™ MR series installations. Adapter accessories and patch cables allow you to use existing accessories. Endurance software allows you to set-up, monitor and archive temperatures from your Endurance sensor. High and low process alarm conditions show out of range conditions. If your sensor is equipped with the video option, you can use the camera image with the reticle on the target superimposed to see exactly where the pyrometer is looking.