Cylinder sensors - Complete product line MK5102, MK5101, MK5311, MK5310, MK5107, MK5138, MK5111, MK5100, MK5159, MK5139, MK5328, MK5301, MK5117, MK5214, MK5209, MK5142, MR0100, MK5215, MK5106, MK5314

Cylinder sensors - Complete product line

  • Easy fit 'drop from the top' into a slot
  • Suitable for the most commonly used T-slot and C-slot cylinders
  • Quick disconnect and prewired versions
  • Wide range of adapters
  • Overall programme

    Cylinder sensors are used for position detection of pistons in pneumatic cylinders. They are directly mounted onto the cylinder. The ring magnet attached to the piston is sensed through the housing wall of non-magnetisable material (e.g. aluminium, brass or stainless steel). They can be fixed to almost any T-slot, C-slot, clean-line, tie rod, integrated profile or trapezoidal slot cylinder.