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CanNeed-CSS-P2 Portable seam saw is a special seam circular saw with double cut for can double seam inspections. 

The CanNeed-CSS-P2 was specially designed for 2-piece and 3-piece cans. Also aerosol-cans may be sawed with this saw. The nitrated blades achieve a very plain cut surface. The seam image on “VSM Automatic Seam Monitor”, and automatic seam measuring systems gets thereby very clear and improves measurement speed and reliability.



CanNeed-CSS-P3 Portable Seam Saw has the weight of only 1.5 kg, very easy to carry for business trip.

If configured with CanNeed portable seam sight monitor, it’s very useful for engineer to check the seam quality in the trip.


CanNeed-CSS-P3 adopts anti-noise motor which runs stably and has very few shaking, ensure a clear cutting

Compact portable, and durable with nice appearance and design. 

Very few maintenance is needed

Technical Parameter

Sample size: 2-piece can, 3-piece can,
Dia. from 45mm to 120mm
Power supply: 220V
Saw blades:
63×0.5×120x16 (Part No. : CSS.488)
Working speed : Approx. 1350 r/min
Power: 25 W
Dimensions : L160×W100×H110 mm
Weight: 1.5kg