Compact (hol600)


The ESW ® -Compact is used for permanent machine monitoring. Undesired vibrations that occur owing to mechanical defects or imbalances in the machine being monitored are detected early.

With the help of the two alarm relay warning devices can be addressed. Thanks to this early detection, increased wear is avoided with the associated costs and extend the life. Production downtimes are reduced, resulting in a higher
Planning security is guaranteed.
The integrated sensor, high-quality stainless steel housing and the simple installation and
Handling of the ESW ® -Compact is secured high reliability. Other features include the adjustable measurement range, theswitchable analog output,
which can be used to set the alarm limits, and the self-test function.
Optionally can be activated for one of the two relay alarm memory.


In all technical applications in which oscillations occur, the ESW® - Compact (hol600) is a valuable aid constitutes Here are some examples:.
• Fans, pumps and blowers
• vibrators, decanters and separators
• Conveyor and transport equipment
• Drives
• Machine tools, processing and production machines


Operating voltage:24V DC (±5%)

Power consumption:max. 100mA

Temperature range:0 bis +65°C

Degree of protection:IP68


Connection cable:2m, SD 90 C, 7 x 0,34mm², shielded, cover material: special PVC min. bending radius: 20cm

Measuring range:0 bis 10 / 0 bis 20 / 0 bis 50mm/s, switchable

Signal detection:RMS

Frequency range:10Hz bis 1kHz (-3dB)

Switching outputs:two potential free contacts K1 K2 (30V, 1A)