Pickling, chemical milling or etching. Scanacon has been providing the best available process control technology for acid processes for over 30 years. High efficiency modular systems are our hallmarks, thanks to superior engineering and materials of construction.


When it comes to the production and economics of pickling, chemical milling or etching, the goal is simple – the greatest production throughput with the lowest specific consumption of acids and the highest quality finish.


Scanacon has the knowledge, experience, and technology to achieve the most efficient and economical operating pickling or milling line achievable.


Only Scanacon can offer a complete system approach to acid management with acidanalysis, filtration, separation and circulation operating as a totally integrated system. Acid handling.

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Acid / Solids Separation Continuous removal of suspended solids from the acid process increases the working life of the solution by eliminating solids... Acid filtration system..

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Continuously removing dissolved metal contaminants allows for near indefinite re-use of the finishing solution, significantly reducing acid purchases and...

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Rapid and accurate analysis of free acid and dissolved metals is key to gaining control over the finishing process and the first step in designing a managed process.

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Circulation, Dosing and Acid Handling Circulation of the process solution provides many benefits in most finishing applications...

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