MC Resistori Calloni is a family-run business with fifty-five history and experience, and is ready to carry on for yet many more years by leveraging this wealth. Based based in Concorezzo, a city next to Monza, we represent the spirit of sacrifice and the will to work hard that are typical of the people of our district.

Set up in 1962 by the intuition and will of Martino Calloni, MC Resistori Calloni it is now managed by his three sons:  Ambrogio, Fabio and Davide who have inherited and cultivated the his same passion, inventiveness and ability to interact with the customer to understand specific issues and identify the best technical solutions.

We are specialized in resistors and braking resistors; wherever there is an inverter, we are ready to operate by providing optimal custom-made solutions for every need and situation.

Our wide range comes from our direct experience on the field and extensive collaboration with our customers, to whom we provide not only high quality products with proven reliability but also every accessory services to find optimal solutions and create custom products.

Although our products are already present in every niche of the market, thanks to the vast array of resistors suitable for many levels of power, installation and material, we are always looking for innovative and more efficient technical solutions.

This is whyMC Resistori Calloni is the ideal partner of those who are not satisfied; or those who have to face complicated technical challenges. Not only we offer the ability to optimize products according to specific and peculiar requirements but also the ability to produce these customized products on a small or very small scale without the usual worsening of the design and production costs.

MC Resistori Calloni: ready for the future, ready to support our partners.


  • Wire resistance, with adjustable cemented enamel ceramic support
  • rheostats of power
  • braking resistors in aluminum housing
  • braking resistors in IP20 housing
  • braking resistors in IP23 housing
  • braking resistors in IP23 housing with AISI enclosure
  • braking resistors for inverters and drives
  • snaubber resistors
  • grounding resistors


  • cartridge resistors
  • anti-condensing resistances self-regulating
  • damping resistors
  • load resistors
  • condenser discharge resistors
  • resistors and rheostats for school laboratories
  • powers from 5w to 100kw
  • thermoregulators for electrical cabinets

Fields of application of MC RESISTORI products:

  • traction
  • energy conversion
  • automation and control.