List kho PTC VietNam 

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Duplomatic Vietnam Model: PZM7-PA5/10/N/S
Pressure Reducing valve
Duplomatic Vietnam Model: QTM7-D/10N/S
Flow restrictor valve
Duplomatic Vietnam Model: PZM7-P5/10/N/S
Pressure Reducing valve
MOXA Vietnam Model: NPort 5630-8
8-port rackmount device server, 10/100M Ethernet, RS-422/485 RJ-45, 100-240VAC
SICK Vietnam Code: 1017910
PL240DG Reflectors and optics
SICK Vietnam Code: 1057652
DT35-B15251 Mid range distance sensors Dx35
SICK Vietnam Code: 2069592        
BEF-WN-DX35 Mounting systems
SICK Vietnam Code: 2096215
YG2A15-020VB5XLEAX Plug connectors and cables
SICK Vietnam Code: 1058986
DL50-P2228 Mid range distance sensors Dx50
SICK Vietnam Code: 2048397
SICK Vietnam Code: 6032448
SICK Vietnam Code: 6020983
WT260-F480 Photoelectric proximity sensor
SICK Vietnam Code: 5304819
BEF-W260 Mounting: Type
SICK Vietnam Code: 6058474
Type: DOL-1204-W02MRN Cable & Plug
E2S Vietnam Model: ML25FV100BN2A1R
ML25 Loudspeaker 100V Line 25W
E2S Vietnam Model: ML15FV100BN2A1R
ML15 Loudspeaker 100V Line 15W
Microsonic Vietnam Model: dbk+4/Empf/m12/3bee/m18
Ultrasonic Sensors
MOXA Vietnam Model: NPort 5150A
1 port device server, 10/100M Ethernet, RS-232/422/485, DB9 male, 15KV ESD, 0.5KV serial surge, 12~48VDC, 0~60°C
MOXA Vietnam Model: MGate MB3180
1 Port RS-232/422/485 Modbus TCP to Serial Communication Gateway
Mark-10 Vietnam Model: MTT01-50
Cap Torque Tester
MOXA Vietnam Model: EDS-205A
Unmanaged Ethernet switch with 5 10/100BaseT(X) ports, -10 to 60°C operating temperature
MOXA Vietnam Model: IKS-6726A-2GTXSFP-HV-T
Modular managed Ethernet switch with 8 10/100BaseT(X) ports, 2 10/100/1000BaseT(X) or 100/1000BaseSFP combo ports, and 2 slots for fast Ethernet modules, front cabling, 1 isolated power supply ( 85-264 VAC), -40 to 75°C
MOXA Vietnam Model: IM-6700A-8TX
Fast Ethernet module with 8 10/100T(X) ports
PULS Vietnam Model: QS20.241-A1
20A/24Vdc Power Supply (ATEX Approval)
MTS Sensor Vietnam Replaced by: CP11020EHM0430MM001A01
DBC Vietnam Model: GJCT-15-E
Sensor đo khoảng cách:
Type: Plant, Gapmeasupe Probe ; Chiều dài dây: 150 mm
Đường kính mặt ghép: 160 mm ; Đường kính đầu sensor: 100mm
Chiều dài đầu sensor: 85 mm
Rosemount Vietnam Model: 3051CG4A22A1AM5B4
Transmitter ; Range : 0÷1 Mpa
Rosemount Vietnam Model: 3051CG1A02A1BM5P1S5Q4 + 0305RC22B11B4L4
Transmitter ; Range : -2÷2Kpa
E+H Vietnam Model: FMI51-H1ATCJB3B1A L=550mm
Liquicap M FMI51
• Approval: H ATEX II 1/2G Ex ia IIC, XA ATEX II 1/2D Ex ia IIIC electrostatic discharge, observe XA
• Inactive Length L3: 1 Not selected
• Active Probe Length L1; Insulation: A 550 mm , 10mm rod, 316L; PTFE
• Process Connection: TCJ Tri-Clamp ISO2852 DN25 (1"), 316L, EHEDG
• Electronics; Output: B FEI50H; 4-20mA HART
• Housing: 3 F17 Alu IP66/67 NEMA4X
• Cable Entry: B Thread G1/2
• Type of Probe: 1 Compact
• Additional Option: A Basic version
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 3500/45-01-00
P+F Vietnam Model: AVM58N-032K1RPGN-1212
CHINO Vietnam Model: AL4706-N0A-NNN
Hybrid Memory Recorder ; Replaced for AL3765-N00 (obsolete)
METRIX Vietnam Electronic Switch, double relay, analog output, CSA, Class 1, Div 1, Grps B-D, painted finish
Code: 450-DR-2-2-22-0-1-2-0
Dual Trip/Analog Signal Output
Analog Signal Output - 4-20 mA, absolute; Scale -  3 to 40 mm/sec
Shutdown and Alarm Circuit - 170 mA, 250 V, SPST
Enclosure - Standard, CSA, Class I, Div 2, Grps B-D* (440)
Input Power - 230 VAC 50/60
Lockout Function - 20 second start-up delay
Transducer - Internal transducer
Positek Vietnam Model: S120.720EJ500TU
720mm travel, 4020mA 2 wire output from the +18-28V DC supply, M18 thread, axial micro wet mate bulk head mating connector with 5 m over moulded cable
LIPS Submersible Cylinder Position Sensor Series 120
Positek Vietnam Model: S120.100CJ500TU
100mm travel, 0.5-9.5V DC output from +13-28V DC supply, M18 thread, axial micro wet mate bulk head, mating connector with 5m over moulded cable
LIPS Submersible Cylinder Position Sensor Series 120
Positek Vietnam Model: S120.100CJ1000TU
100mm travel, 0.5-9.5V DC output from +13-28V DC supply, M18 thread, axial micro wet mate bulk head, mating connector with 10m over moulded cable
LIPS Submersible Cylinder Position Sensor Series 120
Positek Vietnam Model: S120.100CJ1500TU
100mm travel, 0.5-9.5V DC output from +13-28V DC supply, M18 thread, axial micro wet mate bulk head, mating connector with 15m over moulded cable
LIPS Submersible Cylinder Position Sensor Series 120
Vossloh Keipe Vietnam Code: 92.057 020.017
Kiepe HES017 Misalignment switch 2 SPDT, Pressure equalization
Vossloh Keipe Vietnam Code: 91.043.450.002
Kiepe HEN002 Pullrope Swiitch
tecsis Vietnam Wika Pressure Transmitter with flush diaphragm
Replaced by: S-11
Pressure range: 0 to 0.25 bar  ; Process connection: G ¼” B
Output signal: 4 to 20mA, 2-wire ; Power supply: 10 to 30 VDC
Temperature range: -30 to 100 degree C
Badger Meter Vietnam German Part No.: MID 2-25/15-A/St-HG-ML/HC-St M20AM (SS316 G-rings)
(M2-010-R1-A-M-WW-S-XXGF - US part number)
Electromagnetic Flow Meters
Kwangjin Vietnam Model: KR2206-40A-20A
Rotary Joint/ Swivel Joint
Kwangjin Vietnam Model: KR2207-40A-20A
Rotary Joint/ Swivel Joint
Ginice Vietnam Model: GQ-006-1121
Electric Actuator
Bently Nevada Vietnam Model: 1900/65A-01-01-03-CN-00
General Purpose Equipment Monitor
CS-Instrument Vietnam Part No.: 06990540
Replaced by: FA 540
Dew point sensor for desiccant driers; incl. inspection certificate,
4…20 mA output signal (3-wire connection)
- Digital output: SDI
- Measuring range: -80…+20°Ctd (-112 to 68°F)
- Connection thread: G 1/2 ; - Connector plug: M12 plug
- Max. pressure: 50 bar
Metrix Vietnam Code: ST5491E-022-0020-00
IPT Seismic vibration transmitter, loop powered, with LCD indication; Full Scale Range - 0.8 ips (, pk
Mounting Stud - INTEGRAL 1/4" NPT STUD MOUNT, 303 SST
Hazard Rating - CSA, NRTL/C, CLASS 1, DIV 1, GRPS C & D, CLASS 2, DIV 1, GRPS E, F & G (available with flying leads only)
Connection -  4-20 mA Flying Leads
High Pass Filter - No Filter (2 Hz), Standard
Low Pass Filter - No Filter (1500 Hz), Standard
Celduc Vietnam Code: SCB965600
Double Solid state relay 2x50A/600Vac/2 Ctrl 8-30Vdc
Celduc Vietnam Code: SCQ842060
Quad Power Solid state relay 4x25A/230vac/Ctrl 3-32Vdc/led
Showa Giken Vietnam Pearl Rotary Joint
RXE 3020 RH or LH
(RH: Right Hand - thread direction 
LH: Left Hand - thread direction)  
GEMU Vietnam Part No: 568 6D 13414L4AEC 630 A1
EDV: 88211397 ; Valve Size: DN 6mm
Description : GEMU Metal Globe Valve, Motorized Type 568
Connection : Threaded Socket DIN ISO 228
Body Material : 1.4435, Investment Casting; Seal Material : EPDM
Voltage(Frequency) : 230V (50/60Hz)
Control Module : Open/Close control with additional end position feedback; Control Characteristic : Regulating cone, equal-percentage; Kv Value : 630 l/h
Operator Version : Operating time 45 s
Working Temperature : Max. 80°C; Operating Pressure : 0~6 bar
W+S Mebsyssteme Vietnam Part Number: IH581-1400R63-01024-SSD2
Custom-built Hollow-shaft Encoder with Special Options to SSD2
same as Ser. No. 801 220040 042
Unipulse Vietnam Model: UTMII-500Nm
Unipulse Torque Meter
Motrona Vietnam Internal P/N: 800-006116
Danfoss Vietnam Part No.: 060G1113
MBS3000-1011-A1AB04-0 Level transmitter
Danfoss Vietnam Part No.: 060-110191
Pressure switch; Danfos pressure switch 0-7.5 bar KP1
Valpres Vietnam Code: 720225–DN 100
Ball valve; Valpres valve 721000 + ST/ST heating jacket pipe connections design
Gerfan Vietnam Part no: F008501
Code: M30-6-M-B07C-1-4-0-XM228 2130X 000X00
Melt Pressure Transducers
KROHNE Vietnam OPTIFLUX 5000, DN 2,5-100
Type: OPTIFLUX 5300 C
Primary head OPTIFLUX 5000 ; Compact model; Meter size DN 6|1/4"; Mounting between flanges DN 15 PN 40; Overall dimension 65 mm|2.56", excl. gaskets; incl. grounding rings
Measuring tube Fused ceramic; Electrodes Cermet (Platinum)
Housing CrNi steel 1.4408; Insulat. class of coils H
Product temperature -40...+120°C|-40...+248°F
Protection class IP 66/67 (NEMA 4X/6) acc. EN 60529
Mounting material Steel with rubber sleeves
Grounding rings CrNi-steel 1.4404|316 L; Gasket FKM/FPM
Installation instruction Multi-language; Calibration GK
PED group 1 - gases ; SEP APPLICATION DATA
Measuring range Std; As project no. As SN A18021076
KROHNE flow converter ; Type IFC 300 C
Compact model; with 3 x 100% diagnostic; Empty pipe detection, conductivity; Incl. software PACTWARE; Accuracy see TDS
Power supply 100-230 V AC, 50/60 Hz (85-250 V) - [22 VA]
Threaded connection 2 x 1/2" NPT; 1 x M20 x 1,5 with blindplug
Operation manual English (USA); Programming English
Process diagnostic Standard
KROHNE Vietnam OPTIFLUX 4000, DN 2,5-15
Type: OPTIFLUX 4100 C
Primary head OPTIFLUX 4000 Compact model
Meter size DN 4|1/6"; Connection DN 15 PN 40
Mounting length 130 mm | 5.11", incl. gaskets & rings
Flange material St. steel 1.4301|304; Product temperature -10...+120°C|+14...+250°F. depending on pressure.
Housing St. steel 1.4408; Lining PFA; Electrodes Hastelloy C22
fixed electrodes; with 2 electrodes construction; Insulat. class of coils H; Protection class IP 66/67 W (NEMA 4X/6) acc. EN 60529
Installation instruction multi-language; Calibration GKL
prepared for installation of protection rings
E-P ring/set Protection ring no.2; St. steel 1.4404 | 316 L
Gasket EPDM; APPLICATION DATA; Medium Losung NaOH 9%
Measuring range 0 ... 7 l/min; Temperature max 50 oC
Pressure max 2 bar; As project no. As S/N A16025060
KROHNE flow converter; Type IFC 100 C; Compact model (0°)
Empty pipe detection, conductivity; Incl. software PACTWARE
Accuracy see TDS; Power supply 100-230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
(85-250 V) - [8 VA]
Towa Seiden Vietnam Model: PRL-201S-4PB
Rotary paddle type level switch ; Supply: AC 200/220V
Flange: JIS5K65A (Aluminum); Paddle Size: W-1 (80x80mm, SUS304); Contact Output: 1C SPDT (250V 0.1A) ; Length – 350mm
Tempereture: Max 200°C; Seal: Viton; Same spec as SN: 215263
Keyence Vietnam Model: LR-WF10
Metalwork Vietnam Model: 2L01007
RL1 FOX 6 1/8
Metalwork Vietnam Model: 2L04004
Metalwork Vietnam Model: 2L05004
Metalwork Vietnam Model: 2L31012
RL31 8 3/8 FOX
Metalwork Vietnam Model: 2L01C11
RL1 C 8 3/8 FOX
MOXA Vietnam Model: EDR-G903
Industrial Gigabit firewall/VPN secure router with 3 combo 10/100/1000BaseT(X) ports or 100/1000BaseSFP slots, 0 to 60°C operating temperature
Parker Vietnam Standard Code: PID00A-401-**
Note: phần ** mã số lô hàng,thay đổi tùy theo đợt hàng
(Order code: PID00A-401-17 CSF0F5)
Balluff Vietnam BTL0TWK
Micropulse Linear Displacement Transducer