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Model L50000VF1 includes:

  • Basic counter main board with green LEDs
  • Universal 85-264 Vac power
  • No relays
  • No analog output
  • No communication option

Model L50000VF1 by Laurel Electronics is a six-digit basic counter with displays rate or total at the push of a front panel key. This model includes the basic Laureate counter main board and a VF voltage-to-frequency signal conditioner. It cand be scaled to display rate or totalized rate to six digits for 0-1 mA, 4-20 mA or 0-10V analog process signals. Special input ranges are available from the factory.

Accuracy is one of the highest for any digital panel meter: +/-0.005% of span +/-1 count.

Model L50000VF1 is configured for Universal 85-264 Vac power, No relays, No analog output, and No communication option.

The V-to-F signal conditioner board converts the full-scale 0-1 mA, 4-20 mA or 0-10 V analog signal to a frequency of 10 kHz to 110 kHz. This frequency is determined by measuring period over a selected gate time (from 10 ms to 200 s) and taking the inverse of period. Selecting a short gate time provides a much higher update rate than conventional counting-type frequency meters. At the lowest frequency of 10 kHz and the minimum gate time of 10 ms, the meter is capable of 25 updates per second. Scaling to rate in engineering units and totalizing are done mathematically. Totals are stored in nonvolatile memory in case of power loss.

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