SL2 stainless steel linear guide is the ideal Linear Motion System for any application requiring corrosion resistance. Typical industries include nuclear, food, medical and scientific applications where long service life with virtually zero maintenance is essential.

  • Stainless steel slides with precision ground finish provides corrosion and wear resistance.
  • Low friction and smooth movement.
  • Will perform in the most hostile conditions.
  • Can operate with or without lubrication.
  • Range of greases available for specific applications (food, nuclear, high temperature, low temperature and vacuum environments).
  • Miniature solutions for when space is at a premium.
  • Performs well in wash down applications

Part number:  AUSSMS12, AUSSS25, AUSSS35, AUSSS50, AUSSM44, AUSSM60, AUSSM76, AUSSL76,  SSNMS12, SSMS12, SSNS25, SSS25, SSS35, SSS50, SSNM44, SSM44, SSM60, SSNL76, SSL76,  SS SJ/SS LJ 13 C/E / SS BHJ 13 C/E, SS SJ/SS LJ 25 C/E / SS BHJ 25 C/E,  SS SJ/SS LJ 34 C/E / SS BHJ 34 C/E , SS SJ/SS LJ 54 C/E / SS BHJ 54 C/E, SS LB 12F, SS LB 25F, SS LB 44F, SS LB 76F, SSCPMS12,  SSCPS25,  SSCPS35,  SSCPS50, SSCPM44, SSCPM60 , SSCPM76, SSCPL76,