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pvc cable 318y

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Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) insulated and sheathed cables are used in a wide variety of applications from fixed wiring to flexible installations, and are available in a number of sizes, colours and conductor materials. As PVC is a thermoplastic polymer, PVC properties make it suitable for applications where the cables may be exposed to high or low temperatures (including use of arctic-grade PVC for extreme low conditions), or where protection against UV light is required to avoid degradation. PVC insulation is frequently used owing to its good insulating properties but low corona resistance, and is best suited for low and medium voltage cables and low frequency insulation requirements.

benefits of PVC as cable insulation and sheathing material include its chemical stability, robustness and durability. 

PVC cable


Eland Cables supplies a wide range of PVC cable products manufactured in accordance with various international standards. Some of the most commonly requested cables in our portfolio include:

  Application overview
Twin & Earth cable (624Y) Mains electricity wiring
Tri-rated cable Switchgear and panel wire manufactured to UL, CSA and British Standard
2491X cable (H05V-K / H07V-K) Flexible panel wire
218Y cable  (H03VV-F) Domestic and office power supply
2192Y cable (H03VVH2-F) General wiring in public areas
309Y cable (H05V2V2-F) Portable tools power supply
318Y cable (H05VV-F) Domestic appliance power supply
318A cable (Arctic grade) Low temperature resistant power supply
6381Y cable Power, lighting and internal wiring cable. Also suitable for AC and DC telecommunications applications.
Twinflex cable Battery cable
Elevator flatform cable For lifts and elevators

In addition to the electrical cables listed above and the other standard PVC wire in our portfolio, our technical engineers can help you develop a customised PVC cable solution designed and manufactured to meet your application's specific requirements.