Canneed Vietnam, CanNeed-SFAT-100, CanNeed-SFAT-100 Vietnam, đại lý Canneed Vietnam


CanNeed-SFAT-100 Static Friction Angle Tester enables accurate measurement of container lubricity and coefficient of static friction.


Three containers are placed on the table in a pyramidal configuration. After the start button is pushed, an electric motor increases the angle of inclination of the table. The bottom two containers are constrained and do not move during testing. When the tilt angle becomes great enough to overcome the frictional forces between the containers, the top container begins to slide and will contact the trip bar, which stops the drive motor and simultaneously applies a brake to the inclined table. This prevents coasting and inadvertent measurements of erroneously high tilt angles.


Applicable for: glass bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum bottles and cans, etc.



● Simple operation
● Automatic judgment system of test end
● Electronic brake system
● Applicable for different sizes of containers
● With reset button


Technical Parameter

Measure item: container lubricity and coefficient of static friction
Accuracy: ±0.15 degree
Sample sizes: 40~115mm
Angle range: 0~40°
Air supply: AC 220V
Dimensions: L404 x W302 x H440 mm