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The “CanNeed-PCD Pressure Calibration Device” is a dedicated precision instrument for calibrating CO2 pressure gauges and digital pressure meters. It can effectively improve the accuracy of CO2. CanNeed-PCD Pressure Calibration Device has a compact and recognizable design, is user-friendly and can multi-functionally be applied in breweries and soft drink industry. The calibration of measurement devices, more and more, needs to be traceable, because laboratory analyses depend on it. It is used with compressed air or other gas as medium.





CanNeed provides complete  calibration technologies of CO2 testers: 
1. How to judge whether the CO2 testers are accurate. 
2. What standard devices the clients need when calibrating the CO2 testers. 
3. What measuring deviations do the CO2 testers have?

Technical Data


Medium: Compressed air or other gas
Pressure range: 0~0.6Mpa
Accuracy: 0.4%×0.6Mpa=0.0024Mpa




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